5 Winter Activities on The Homestead

The cold dark days of winter are upon us here on the homestead. First, I get so excited from December until about mid-January for the beautiful snowy weather, then I start to miss the growing seasons, and I begin to despise the cold snow blanketing the ground. During this time, it is often too cold to do any large outdoor projects, but indoor projects are perfect for this time of year to stave off the blues of winter.

Indoor projects could range from learning a new hobby to crafting to getting your plans laid out for the new year on the homestead. Here are five of my favorite winter activities and projects. Most are kid-friendly too!

Winter Blanket Making

Handmade Blankets

I love the feel of a soft, warm blanket and a cup of tea on a cold winter’s day, but often buying blankets that I like can get expensive quickly. I also enjoy making my own. My multiple sclerosis sometimes makes it challenging and painful to crochet. When I can crochet I make blankets, hats, and scarves. When I am unable to crochet, I have to find new ways to scratch that creation itch without causing myself pain. So, my one of favorite loves is creating tie fleece blankets. They are warm and cozy and so easy to make. My daughter also enjoys making them as well. Just be careful with the little ones and the fabric scissors. I usually make 1 to 3 blankets a year. We often will trade out the old ones worn down and replace our dog’s blankets with those. Blankets are essential for emergencies, like power outages, especially during winter. Any old, worn-down blankets are great for breaking down into cleaning clothes. Old tee shirts work great for this too!


Winter Reading

We often find ourselves swamped with projects and responsibilities during spring, summer, and fall. Due to this my to-read list gets longer and longer. I love that winter allows us to slow down. We can curl up with those books that have been calling us and dive deep into them. I love to curl up with all the new books about homesteading and paganism, but a good fiction book is also excellent. So take advantage of those cold winter days and nights to catch up on all those books you collected throughout the year.

Winter Baking and Recipe Creation

Winter Bread Baking

I don’t know what it is about the cold grey skies that make me want to run to my kitchen to make a comforting pot of soup, stew, or a nice loaf of bread. I love finding new ways to make loaves of bread and experimenting with new recipes. Winter is excellent for working on your recipe deck or meal prep. So when the busy months of spring hit, your freezer is ready to help you out when you don’t feel like cooking.

Project Planning

Our Garden and Harvest Planner Available in the Store

During the winter, I long for the busy days, but I work on my project plans to beat those springtime blues for the coming year. Regarding homesteading, taking the extra time to plan, prep and budget can help you be even more successful. First, I will plan my garden and look at how much space I have or need and how many plants I long to grow. Then, we set our plans and budgets in motion if we have any other projects we want to accomplish. Get a copy of our Garden and Harvest Planner!

Winter Crafts with the Kids

Paint Brushes for Crafts

Winter can make everyone a little stir-crazy, especially kids. To help beat some of that indoor boredom (and to keep them from spending all their time playing video games), we find some fun crafts for them to create. My daughter loves to paint like me, so that we will create paintings. We will create Yule crafts during the holidays, and after they have passed, we will generate winter creations. If you are unsure what to do, check out Pinterest; it is full of inspiration!  

These are just a few ways we keep our sanity during the cold dark months of winter. We would love to hear about some of your favorite winter activities!

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