Creating A Life of Abundance and Self-Sufficiency

I started this blog to help others by sharing valuable information about the adventure of homesteading and its connections to spiritualism and Norse paganism.

Homesteading helped my family become more self-sufficient and grow in a deeper in our practice of paganism. Here at The Hearth and Seed you will find all the information about building the homestead of your dreams and how to build a stronger connection to your spiritual journey through homesteading in your everyday life.

Fresh harvested vegetables

What You Can Expect On Your Journey with Us

Lemon Chicken and Rice Soup
  1. Advice and Adventures in Homesteading
  2. Gardening Tips, Tricks, and Ventures
  3. Recipes and Meal Prep
  4. Practices in Spiritualism, and Norse Paganism
  5. Explorations and Teaching Moments for Kids
  6. Prepping for the Future, Preserving, and Canning
  7. And… Much More!

You’ll also see featured content promoting various brands and businesses that I use, love, and highly recommend.

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About Me

My name is Brittany, but everyone calls me Pagan. I have been homesteading most of my life. I have also been a practicing Hedgewitch and Norse Pagan for over a decade.

I live on a small homestead in northern Tennessee with my family and dogs.

Fun things about me:

  1. I am an author of two fiction books, Fictional Musings, and Winning Jenn.
  2. I am an artist and crafter.
  3. I am a podcast host on Pagan’s Witchy Corner and Pagan’s Reading Nook.
  4. I am a multiple sclerosis warrior.
  5. I am a total geek when it comes to Harry Potter, Star Wars, Supernatural, and Stargate.

Connect with Me

Canned Fruits and Vegetables

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I look forward to exploring this amazing adventure with you as you build the homestead of your dreams.