Dancing in a world of witchcraft & touching the universes of fiction

Witchy Corner Productions has come a long way from covering just my podcasts, homesteading, and spiritual content. We now proudly showcase all forms of creativity, from podcasts to books, cosplay, art, and blogging. 

At Witchy Corner Productions, we confidently support those who speak out about important issues and have unique perspectives. Our platform is dedicated to elevating talented creators with disabilities. We absolutely adore it when individuals integrate these themes into their writing, regardless of whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, and add a touch of witchy magic.

What Adventures Await You On Your Journey with Us

  1. Podcast episodes about witchy topics and witchcraft authors.
  2. Podcast Episodes with fiction authors promoting their books.
  3. Featured Book Content
  4. Practices in Witchcraft, Spiritualism, and Norse Paganism
  5. Cosplay Content
  6. Updates about books from our authors!
  7. And… Much More!

You’ll also see featured content promoting various brands and businesses that I use, love, and highly recommend.

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About Pagan

Hey there! My name is Brittany, but my friends call me Pagan. I love writing, podcasting, cosplay, and creating art. I also practice Norse Paganism and work with spirits of the dead.

 I live on a cozy homestead in northern Tennessee with my family and my furbabies. 

Here are some fun facts about me: 

I’ve written three amazing books – Fictional Musings, Her Monstrous Fate, and Winning Jenn

I’m an artist, crafter, and cosplayer too. 

You can hear me on my podcasts, Pagan’s Witchy Corner and Books and Cosplay (formerly called Pagan’s Reading Nook). 

I’m a multiple sclerosis warrior. I am also AuDHD.

Oh, and I also geek out over Call of Duty, and Supernatural!


Connect with us

If you would like to partner with me for product reviews, sponsored posts, social media campaigns, or promotional videos, you can send me an email at pagan@witchycornerproductions.com.

I look forward to exploring this amazing adventure with you as you build the homestead of your dreams.