Blackthorn’s Protection Magic | A Review

When it comes to terms of protection we always need to be vigilant in our physical world as well as our magical world. In our world today, protection of self and magical protection should always be one of our highest priorities. Amy Blackthorn’s Protection Magic is the book we need today for our magical and physical protection.

The Protection Book We All Need

I have been a long-time fan of Amy’s books so when I saw this book I was excited to see what amazing knowledge she was going to give us in this book. I was blown away, to say the least. Amy gave us a comprehensive book on how and why we should be protecting all aspects of our lives. Her book touched on everything from magical protection of the home to self-defense if you are in a dangerous situation. Remember physical protection is just as important as magical, we can break a jinx or curse but we can’t get another body if something were to happen to us.

Blackthorn's Protection Magic

After I finished Amy’s book I went back and started to read the book again, but this time with my notebook. Learning all we can to take care of ourselves magically and physically is just as important as any other study. I highly recommend everyone pick up a copy of Amy’s book, and all of her other books too. Each of her books is packed with incredible knowledge, but Blackthorn’s Protection Magic is now one of my top recommended books for everyone, even non-practitioners.

Grab a copy of this incredible book or check out a copy from your local library.

Blackthorn’s Protection Magic guides listeners through the realm of the green witch to a glade filled with options for your protection. Amy Blackthorn discusses spiritual, emotional, and physical security in an easy-to-understand way.  

  • She provides an overview of what protection means to witches and then explores practices in more depth, including the following: 
  • Essential oils for protection magic
  • The role plant allies play in both protecting and healing 
  • What tarot can teach us about our strengths and weaknesses 
  • Oracle spell work as a potent source of protection  

As a witch who has worked in executive security for nearly 15 years, Amy possesses the botanical spirit of an animist witch, able to see the inherent spirit in plants, as well as a keen eye on ways to make a home feel safer and more secure, on the magical and the mundane levels. For example, holly trees provide magical protection from lightning and make a prickly barrier outside the home to keep burglars from lurking in the shadows.

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