Cowboy & Country Books for August

Lately, I have been craving swoon-worthy books with cowboys and the deep country books to read. I blame Yellowstone, thanks Cole Hauser. These books are helping me with that craving! Hopefully they will help you with your craving too!

Reckless by Elsie Silver

Theo Silva. Rowdy bull rider. Notorious ladies’ man. Scorching hot trouble wrapped up in a drool-worthy package.

And he’s looking at me like I might be his next meal.

But I’m almost free of my toxic marriage and have sworn off men entirely. So all I see when I look back is temptation served up with a heaping side of heartbreak.

The man is hard to trust—and even harder to resist.

Make that impossible. Because Theo is persistent. And no matter how hard I try to freeze him out, he melts my icy exterior and pulls apart all my defenses.

Over a drink in a small town bar, I blurt out my deepest, darkest secrets. Then I spend the singular hottest night of my life with him.

He worships my body. He makes me blush. I come alive beneath his hands.

Then I tell him to forget it ever happened. I want simple, and with him it all feels complicated.

It was supposed to be a one-time thing.

A secret.

But that little plus sign is going to make this secret impossible to keep.
Reckless by Elsie Silver

Something in the Texas Sun by Maddy C. James

“All I had to do was stay away from her and my future on her father’s ranch is locked in. Solid. But we have all this history between us and she’s the only one that sees who I can be instead of who I was. It’s a good thing I’m a firm believer that rules are meant to be broken, and this ranch isn’t new to keeping secrets”

-excerpt Nick, Something In The Texas Sun

The one hundred and sixty-five thousand acre Hennessey Ranch is Kate’s world and her family’s land that she has always loved, but at fourteen the boy that had always been her best friend and had her heart kissed her for the first time. After, when she expected love he pushed her away as his family life went downhill. He told her it had been a mistake, shaping her decisions for her future.

She made the choice to get off the ranch, experience the world, and create an entirely different plan for her life that didn’t include him.

Now, unforeseen circumstances have brought her home during her second year of college. That boy she once knew is now the town bad boy turned cowboy that is in line to run her father’s ranch one day, he is fighting his own past demons daily and every time she looks into his green eyes it turns her insides to the surface of the sun, making her realize running from her feelings for him maybe wasn’t the right answer. 
As it becomes apparent he has been harboring feelings for her too and staying apart is no longer a possibility, she begins to understand that fate has a better plan for her future than she does.
Something in the Texas Sun by Maddy C. James

Rebels & Queens by Kate Prada

Rebellious horse girl, Maci, just got her heart broken–but you should see the town bicycle’s nose. Good thing her best friend and cousin, former troublemaker, Bailey is there to bail her out of county lockup. Bailey thinks the two of them should get away to relax while the small town finds something else to gossip about. Trouble is, their Pinterest-worthy glamping retreat may be a cover for something far more sinister.

Straight-laced Jacoby has been assigned to an elite FBI task force. His team is closing in on an extremist militia suspected of kidnapping unsuspecting women when a wild-eyed girl atop a loose horse crashes into him–literally. Securing her back at his base of operations proves to be troublesome as he, and the militiamen, quickly learn: You can’t keep a cowgirl hostage on a horse farm.

This may be a short story, but reader beware–this story contains bar fights, small town gossipy shenanigans, town bicycles, cuss words, cheating–rotten–no good–ex boyfriends, misogynist meathead militias, violence against women, and enough action to make the ATF raise their eyebrows (guns and alcohol).
Rebels & Queens by Kate Prada

Sing for Me by Brittany Ann


I never wanted to go back home. Hallow Ranch was my own personal hell, and I was lucky to escape in one piece. My brother’s betrayal was the last straw, but he doesn’t know the real reason I left. No one does.
For the last decade, I’ve focused on one thing: bull riding. I don’t care about anything but my eight seconds.  When I’m on a bull, everything goes quiet.

Until her. She was a stranger, but she was scared and in need of saving. Now, I can’t get her out of my head. She’s become my obsession, and her past is even darker than mine. Now, my brother is calling me home, and I have no choice. Because Harmony is the key to taking down Tim Moonie and saving Hallow Ranch.


I’ve never had a home, only a place of origin. After six years, I finally have the courage to return to Houston and live the life I’ve always wanted. There’s just one problem: I don’t know how to be normal. I want to leave my past where it belongs: in a six-foot grave. My therapist says I’m ready. So, when my best friend wants to go to a bull riding show, I muster up the courage. I never thought I would be saved by a bull rider.

Days later, he is all I can think about, and I start to see him everywhere. When he shows up at my clinic with a huge donation, I think it’s a fluke. When he appears outside my apartment, I know I should be afraid. But the famous Mason Langston doesn’t scare me. He’s not the monster who haunts my dreams. With him, I finally believe life can be good. Until it isn’t. Turns out my past is the key to saving Mason’s home. The first step? Become Mrs. Langston.

Sing for Me by Brittany Ann

Done and Dusted by Lyla Sage

She’s off-limits, but he’s never been good at following the rules.

For the first time in her life, Clementine “Emmy” Ryder has no idea what she’s doing. She’s done everything on her to-do list. She left her small hometown, went to college, and made a name for herself doing her favorite thing: riding horses. But when an injury results in an obstacle she can’t overcome, Emmy leaves behind a career, an apartment, and a boyfriend for the hometown she spent her whole life trying to escape.

Luke Brooks is Meadowlark’s most notorious bad boy, bar owner, and bachelor. He’s also the unofficial fifth member of the Ryder family, who spent his entire childhood antagonizing Emmy, the youngest Ryder sibling.

It’s been years since he’s seen his best friend’s little sister, but when she walks into his bar and back into his life, he can’t take his eyes off her.

Brooks takes it upon himself to get to the bottom of why Emmy returned to Meadowlark and what happened to put out the perpetual fire in her eyes. But first, he needs Emmy to take him up on his offer to be friends. An offer that has nothing to do with the fact that he can’t stop thinking about her.

At least, that’s what he tells himself.

As things between Emmy and Brooks heat up, it’s getting more difficult for him to keep his hands off of her. Can he help her get her spark back? Or will they both go up in flames?

Done and Dusted by Lyla Sage

These are just a few of the amazing cowboy and country reads for August! Let me know which you read or if you have one to recommend, tell me in the comments!

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