Featured Book: Black Rose

This week's featured book is Black Rose by author Kate Prada! Kate has also been on my podcast Pagan's Reading Nook!

Black Rose by Kate Prada

Who would you become if you could finally break free?

By all appearances, Ava seems perfectly content living her life under the radar in her new home of Las Vegas. Or so she thought until her old pickup leaves her stranded in the desert. Her chance encounter with a rough and rowdy mechanic feels innocent enough, but later leads Ava to question if solitude is truly her sanctuary.

Hudson’s wild yet considerate ways chip away at Ava’s walls, but the dismantling of her barriers is short-lived. When a magazine featuring a missing socialite puts Ava on edge, she questions if she can count on the few friends she has made in her new home. Hudson may give the impression that he is a good guy, but Ava isn’t sure if his friendship is enough to keep her in Vegas, or from going on the run, again.

Black Rose is a romantic suspense of finding oneself and fighting with everything you got to hang onto it.

See author website www.kateprada.com for additional trope information.

Get your copy of Black Rose today!

Praise for Black Rose

Quite simply…this book was everything I wanted. I loved the characters, the story, the backstory, the chemistry, the suspense, and the dog! This novel made me want to go to Vegas, drink bourbon, and get a new tattoo- and I hate Vegas! I have no doubt this book will be in the top five of the books I read this year. It’s that good!!!Amazon Customer

This is a must read! All the feelings. The suspense is awesome. Just the right touch. I couldn’t put it down.Amazon Customer

I love this book. The story is amazing. The end is chefs kiss. In a word perfect. You will definitely not regret it!Amazon Customer

Want a book filled with action, romance, revenge, and page-turning twists? Then grab your copy of Black Rose today!

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