Featured Book: Inspiring Creativity Through Magick

This week's featured book is Inspiring Creativity Through Magick by Astrea Taylor! Astrea is a frequent guest on my podcast Pagan's Witchy Corner.

Inspiring Creativity Through Magick by Astrea Taylor
Find Your Creative Spirit in Every Magickal Act

Art is inherently magickal and you, as an artist, are a magician who can ritualize any creative endeavor. Sharing an impressive collection of spells, rituals, deities, and lore, Astrea Taylor helps you bring to life the story, painting, sculpture, or music you’ve been dreaming about.

This book is designed to guide you through the entire creative process. You’ll draw inspiration from spirits and the four elements to complete your rough draft, and then use the principles of alchemy to transform it into a masterpiece. Astrea also provides deep insight on releasing your art into the world, resting between projects, and persevering through hard times. From handling criticism to awakening the guiding spirit of your art, this book shares numerous exercises to get your creativity flowing and keep it going.

Includes a foreword by Michael Herkes, author of The Glam Witch.

Get your copy of this amazing book today!

Praise for Inspiring Creativity Through Magick!

“Creativity and art are cherished by so many of us, yet it’s also common to experience doubt, insecurity, and blocks in the creative process. In Inspiring Creativity Through Magick, Astrea Taylor explores the topic of creativity from a variety of magickal and practical angles, providing readers with the tools to not only complete meaningful creative projects, but also keep the fires of inspiration lit. This is a must-read for magick folk who participate in the arts or want to!”―Durgadas Allon Duriel, author of Worthy as You Are and The Little Work

“Astrea’s words weave a potent mix of practicality and inspiration which will unblock your creative process and unleash the magick within you.”―Hana the Suburban Witch, host of Witch Talks podcast

“In Inspiring Creativity Through Magick, Astrea Taylor displays a deep working knowledge of metaphysical guides and the spirits of creativity. It’s a wonderful exploration of inspiration and divine assistance within the creative act and a goldmine for breaking through creative blocks!”―Laova and Eric Lingen, hosts of The Spirit World Center podcast

“From the airy head space where creative endeavors begin to…the grounding effects that earth provide, there is a magical, elemental approach presented in creating an artist’s rough draft in the first half of the book. In the latter half, Astrea explores art as an egregore that takes on a life of its own, allowing the creator to refine, release, and recharge once the work is complete. With rituals and exercises throughout, this is a true work of art that all practitioners of any craft would benefit from exploring.”―Vincent Higginbotham author of How Witchcraft Saved my Life and Thrifty Witchery

Not only is this book packed with information to set your intentions and space, it incorporates useful exercises and questions to align yourself before you begin. An excellent read for anyone at any stage of their artistic journey. – Amazon Customer

This book is perfect for all creatives no matter if you practice magick or not! Astrea provides so much useful information!

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