Featured Book: Served (The Club Series Book 1)

This week's featured book is Served by author April D. Berry! April had also been on my podcast Pagan's Reading Nook!

Served by April D. Berry

With big dreams of having her songs played on the radio, Lucy had no time for a serious relationship. Plus, all of the men she met were idiots or assholes. Didn’t bother her though; she had her best friend, a cool radio job, and lived in a fun little town within walking distance to her favorite hangout. When she learns the club’s house band is looking for a new lead singer, she decides to audition because she knows she could get seen by music executives and be one step closer to her dream.

Watching the buxom blonde parade around loser after loser at the club where he bar-tended, Jason could only roll his eyes. Lucy was too good for them, but apparently also too good for him. Probably for the best she didn’t notice his attraction to her. He’d been through a lot and didn’t want to become just another notch to her. But damn if she didn’t make it hard coming to the club almost nightly with those banging curves and gorgeous curls.

But when Lucy finds herself in a dangerous situation and Jason swoops in to help, do they both change their tune? Or will they both be served some heartache?

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Wow this book is amazing! This is the first book I have read from April. It is well put together and the characters and their story is amazing. I couldn’t put it down. If I could I would give this book 10 stars. This is a must read. I promise it won’t disappoint. – Amazon Customer

This is a story that delivers the feelings right to you. A great story about two people’s paths crossing in a way to finally find the person they wanted and needed in their life. April Berry does a great job making you feel the Georgia heat in Atlanta and between Luce and Jason. A great read. – Amazon Customer

April D. Berry is quickly becoming one of my new favorite authors! This is a perfect quick read with a HEA that had me laughing and crying between the spice. I cannot wait to read Stroked the second book in the series ! – Amazon Customer

This is a perfect book for a weekend escape into some steamy romance!

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