Featured Book: Something in the Texas Sun

The featured book this week is Something in the Texas Sun by author, Maddy C. James! Maddy will also be coming on my podcast Pagan's Reading Nook, September 6th, 2023!

Something in the Texas Sun by Maddy C. James

“All I had to do was stay away from her and my future on her father’s ranch is locked in. Solid. But we have all this history between us and she’s the only one that sees who I can be instead of who I was. It’s a good thing I’m a firm believer that rules are meant to be broken, and this ranch isn’t new to keeping secrets”

excerpt Nick, Something In The Texas Sun

The one hundred and sixty-five thousand acre Hennessey Ranch is Kate’s world and her family’s land that she has always loved, but at fourteen the boy that had always been her best friend and had her heart kissed her for the first time. After, when she expected love he pushed her away as his family life went downhill. He told her it had been a mistake, shaping her decisions for her future. She made the choice to get off the ranch, experience the world, and create an entirely different plan for her life that didn’t include him. 

Now, unforeseen circumstances have brought her home during her second year of college. That boy she once knew is now the town bad boy turned cowboy that is in line to run her father’s ranch one day, he is fighting his own past demons daily and every time she looks into his green eyes it turns her insides to the surface of the sun, making her realize running from her feelings for him maybe wasn’t the right answer. As it becomes apparent he has been harboring feelings for her too and staying apart is no longer a possibility, she begins to understand that fate has a better plan for her future than she does.

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Praise for Something in the Texas Sun

“If you love cowboy small town romances that are fast paced, short chapters with forbidden love trope and dual POV this book is for you!” – Goodreads Reader

“I could not put it down and felt like I was in a Hallmark movie, the plot, the story, the romance, the spice!!! Maddy has outdone herself!” – Goodreads Reader

This was absolutely one of the best heart felt romances I’ve read this year!” – Goodreads Reader

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