Featured Book: Spinning Wyrd

This week's featured book is Spinning Wyrd by author, Ryan Smith! Ryan has also been on my podcast, Pagan's Witchy Corner!

Spinning Wyrd by Ryan Smith

Delve Deeper into Norse Paganism with this Radically Inclusive Approach

Expanding on the progressive ideas and practices in The Way of Fire and Ice, this next-step book teaches you how to tap into the forces of the Nordic cosmos. The greatest of these forces is wyrd, the symphony of life cocreated by all beings, from the humblest plants to the mightiest gods.

Bestselling author Ryan Smith guides you deep into the mysteries, where you’ll discover the role of fate, the importance of the Nine Worlds, the Norse concept of the self, and more. Ryan helps you develop direct relationships with animistic powers, commune with the dead, and cultivate your skills in ecstatic trance journeywork. Spinning Wyrd is for practitioners who are looking for more than the basics, who want to master the mysticism of Heathenry and build a better world.

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Praise for Spinning Wyrd

Spinning Wyrd carefully and consciously helps readers deepen their practice amid challenging times. With the premise of Radical Heathenry, this inclusive book widens the view of Norse Paganism by looking at the often hard-to-grasp Wyrd, amongst other significant concepts. Informed by extensive research, well-developed modern practices, and a commitment to social justice, this book prepares readers for whatever is fated to happen next.”―Irisanya Moon, author of Pagan Portals: The Norns: Weavers of Fate & Magick

“A journey of exploration through the cosmos as seen with Norse pagan eyes. Ryan Smith invites the reader to encounter the living forces and beings that move through and animate all the nine worlds and to seek wisdom and relationship with each. But perhaps this book’s most powerful offering is its insightful framework for understanding our own souls and our interactions with the forces that shape our fates. It’s a compass that Norse-centered animists, polytheists, and pagans can turn to for guidance along the path.”―Morpheus Ravenna, author and artist

“[Smith’s] is a tradition in which consent and respect for human and other-than-human people are rightfully emphasized on both mundane and magical levels. More importantly, though, Spinning Wyrd reminds us of our place within that ever-changing Web [of Wyrd], our responsibilities to our fellow people within it, and the power we hold to weave wisely for a better future. A perfect read for those looking to learn more about Fire and Ice Heathenry and its unique, socially/Wyrd-conscious approach to magic!”―Cat Heath, author of Elves, Witches & Gods

Check out the episodes with Ryan on Pagan's Witchy Corner!

Pick up Ryan's first book in this series. The Way of Fire and Ice! It's incredible!

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