Featured Book | Warrior: His Legacy

This week's featured book is Warrior: His Legacy by author, Krys Strong ! Krys had also been on my podcast Pagan's Reading Nook!

Warrior: His Legacy by Krys Strong

For the past eight years, I’ve enjoyed the peace of watching my youngest sons grow. A luxury I didn’t have with my other children. Our pack is thriving and has grown to the largest size yet. It’s time for my oldest son and his mate to take over as Alpha and Luna.

Our tranquility is disrupted when ten young she-wolves vanish after a night out in the city. Soon other packs in our alliance report similar incidences of missing members. While investigating, we stumble upon a plot against Anna and my oldest son’s mate.

It becomes painfully clear that open season has been declared on shifters, jolting us out of our tranquility. With my oldest son by my side, we must act fast if we are to keep our mates and this pack safe. This enemy is the most dangerous we’ve encountered, and this fight won’t be like any we’ve faced before. Leaving us in unfamiliar territory.

Please visit my website www.krysstrong.com for a full list of CW and TW before purchasing.

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Praise for Warrior: His Legacy

“I love a good shifter series, and this is one!! I read this and just could not get enough!! The characters are amazing, and you fall in love with them. It’s definitely spicy and so fun to read!!! There are so many emotions that play out in the entirety of the series!!! It had a captivating plot with major twists and turns!!” – Amazon Customer

Come listen to Krys and I talk all about this book on Pagan's Reading Nook!

Check out the rest of this series by Krys Strong!

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