Homestead Prep: February Edition

It is February here in Tennessee, and that means it is time to start prepping for our projects here on the homestead. Even though it is still cold and a bit frozen outside, our project and garden prep has to begin in February, or we will not get everything accomplished for the year. Our prep includes finalizing all garden plans and budgets, ordering and starting some
seeds, and starting our spring cleaning. 

If you live in a colder area, these plans might need to be pushed a few weeks. 

Garden Prep

Garden Seedlings Prep

Our garden prep usually starts in January for some of our seedlings that take a bit longer to germinate, but I am a bit behind this year. If you haven’t already ordered your seeds, I recommend you do that asap! Many seed companies will sell out very early. We love Baker Seed Company for our seeds, but anywhere you can get your seeds will do.

For your garden space, I recommend getting either cardboard or black garden plastic and putting it over your beds or garden area for the next four to eight weeks, and this will help keep any early weed growth down. Here is the garden plastic we love and use each year.

Now is a great time to start collecting your supplies such as soil, seedling trays, grow lights, pots and planters, bed supplies, garden cloth and plastic, and any tools you may need.

It is also an excellent time to check your tools from last year and make sure everything is in good condition.

If you haven’t already started your plans for how many plants your family will need, this is the time to figure that out too.

Project Prep

Each year for the homestead, we plan one big project in addition to our garden that we want to focus on. It might be a home improvement or adding a new layer to our garden. Whatever the project may be, we take our time during the snowy winter months to research, plan, and budget out the project. When it comes to homesteading projects, I always recommend you over budget. We have seen how quickly things can change due to inflation, so overbudgeting is one way to help protect you from any unforeseen costs.

We start collecting some of the things we need for those projects during February. Then, depending on the project, we like to organize a little bit at a time until we have everything we need to complete the project.

Spring Cleaning

I know this is the dreaded part of every homesteader’s and homemaker’s life, but we start our spring cleaning and organizing in February. Our homes, gardens, and yards during fall and winter collect the old growth, leaves, and dead branches from the trees. Now is a great time to start clearing all that away before it gets too warm and new growth starts to creep in.

I also love to take this time to organize my kitchen and canning pantries to get them ready for the canning season to come. It is also a good idea to clean out the freezers as the days start to get warmer. Also, begin to check your canning equipment, jar supplies, and dehydrator to make sure they are ready for the garden season ahead.

Homesteading can be daunting, but breaking down each month into easier prep can help make the busy season much less stressful. So what are some ways you help prep for the coming busy season?

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