Homemade Homestead Kitchen Restocking

I recently saw a video on Tiktok of a fellow homesteader doing a homemade kitchen restock and fell in love with this practice. We have since begun to do this weekly in our home. Homesteading on a good day is a challenging but rewarding practice. This practice of homemade restocks have made it a little more enjoyable and money-saving (which is always a goal on the homestead).

What is a homemade kitchen restock?

This practice could be as little as making overnight oats for your week or meal prepping. However, in our case, this includes baking bread, making homemade bagels, snacks, homemade stocks for soups and cooking, or dressings or sauces for the week.

Bagel and Pizza Dough

Is it worth it?

Absolutely! We have to eat gluten-free in our home because I am allergic to wheat. So, buying premade baked goods that are gluten-free is very convenient it is also costly. A loaf of premade gluten-free bread that tastes good will run you 5 to 8 dollars! On the other hand, if you can eat wheat, these restocks will save you so much more money and be better for you too! With a couple of hours a week, you and your family will be eating delicious food all week. The only tricky part is not eating it all in the first 24 hours! Yes, it is that yummy!

What we included in our kitchen restock this week?

Homemade Everything Bagels

Easy GF bagels

These bagels are adapted from this recipe. While it says to no need to boil them, we do because we find it gives them a better texture. Add them to a pot of boiling water and a teaspoon of baking soda for 2 minutes, then place them on your greased baking/parchment-covered baking sheet pan. I usually make a large batch, so we have several plain, everything, and cinnamon sugar (my kid’s favorite).

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe is a very old one from a cookbook I bought after searching for the one my grandmother had from the 50s. My cookbook is a more “recent” printing from 1980, but the recipes are fantastic! Back then, gluten-free flour was something not heard of, so adapting recipes to gluten-free takes a bit of practice and mad science. Luckily this recipe is so easy, and one-for-one gluten-free flour works perfectly! Each batch will give you 30 to 48 cookies and freezes well too!

Easy Pizza Crust

Okay, so this is not a new recipe. It’s the same bagel recipe, but we roll it out to make delicious sheet pan pizza! You can also cut small rounds to make pizza bites in a muffin tin. This dough is extremely versatile!

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Why do we do a homemade restock vs. buying all our items?

Yes, we could buy all these things and stock our kitchen with them, but homemade tastes better. It has saved us money, and I trust the ingredients more for myself and my family. Unfortunately, some products deemed “safe” for me to eat are not and cause me to have a nice hefty dose of an antihistamine. Finally, little things like baking homemade goods bring joy and good energy into our home.

Are you planning on starting to do homemade restocks? If so, what are you going to start making?

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