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Welcome to our cozy homestead. We're thrilled that you've decided to stop by! We've got plenty of updates and tips to share about gardening, homesteading, and life. We're all about creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, so feel free to browse through our site and let us know if you have any questions or comments. Whether you're a seasoned homesteader or just starting, we have something for everyone here.

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What to Expect in August
There is a lot happening around Witchy Corner Productions in the month of August! We have some amazing guests stopping by the podcast. There will be fun...
What's Happening Around the Corner | July Update
It has been a few months since I checked in with you all. Lots have happened around the homestead and in the witchy corner! Let’s dive in so you can catch...
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The Wildwood Way | A Review
Have you ever read a captivating book that you forgot you were reading a book? I had this happen with Cliff Seruntine’s book The Wildwood Way. Cliff’s...
Our Exciting Homestead Goals for 2023
This post is coming a bit late in 2023, but our goals list is finally more finalized than in January. Our yearly goals revolved around a few central tenets,...
Homemade Homestead Kitchen Restocking
I recently saw a video on Tiktok of a fellow homesteader doing a homemade kitchen restock and fell in love with this practice. We have since begun to do...
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February 2023 Homestead Update
Happy February and Blessed Imbolc! This time of year we prepare to welcome back the warmth and start our journey into growing season.  January was...
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Llewellyn's Datebook and Almanacs for 2023 | A Review
It is the start of the new year, and one of my favorite parts is the new planners, calendars, and almanacs. Between my MS and my neurodivergent brain,...
December Homestead Update
I can hardly believe that December and this year are almost done! In some ways, this year feels like it has flown by; in others, it was ten years long....
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Delicious Apple Galette | Featured Recipe
It is that time of year when we all are baking beautiful holiday pies and treats for our families. I had the great privilege of sitting down with my dear...
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Our Black Friday shopping Recommendations
We know that the winter holidays are just around the corner and the gifting season is coming with it. Here on the homestead we try to be supporters of...
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