Loki and Sigyn | A Review

I have been dedicated to Loki for many years now, so when I saw Loki and Sigyn by Lea Svendsen advertised in my Llewellyn catalog I knew I had to have a copy. When my box arrived,  I jumped with excitement as I pulled the book out,  and immediately ran off to read it like a giddy child. The book was far more amazing than I could have ever imagined!

Lea Svendsen brilliantly brought you into the world of Loki and his wife Sigyn through retellings of their myths. The myths of Loki are already highly entertaining, but Lea’s sarcasm and as she put it “snark” made me cackle with laughter. Not only did she show us the childlike fun of working with Loki, but she also showed the grace and loyalty of working with Sigyn.

His isn't the kind of chaos that results in tangible loss or dangerous situations. And it's not always going to turn your life inside out. But if you're tolerating toxic environments or relationships prepare for him to say "that's enough complacency, you deserve better!" Yes, he invites a lot of madness, but it's not destructive chaos. More like "well shoot, that wasn't supposed to happen like that" situations that derail your plans/life path and pave the way to better options.

Working with Sigyn

I will admit, before the book I had not worked with Sigyn. I was aware of her but as so many Lokeans do we often overlook Sigyn because she is much quieter than Loki. After learning about her and meditating to communicate with her, she has always been there and waiting for so many of us to reach out to her. Sigyn is now becoming an integral part of practice and devotion to Loki.

Lea’s book opened my eyes to new possibilities with Loki and Sigyn, which I was not fully aware of before despite working with Loki and all his thrilling chaos. Lea’s book is a valuable resource for any pagan looking to learn more about Loki and Sigyn and to work with them. This book is one of my favorite books of all time and which I am happy to read again and again.

Pick up a copy of this amazing book or check it out from your local library.

Loki and Sigyn by Lea Svendsen

Uncover the Truth about Loki and His Devoted Wife Sigyn

This captivating book takes you deep into the infamous legacy of Loki and the quiet power of Sigyn, the goddess of loyalty and compassion. As a controversial figure in Heathenry, Loki is often approached with trepidation. But this book introduces you to his true self: a trickster, but also a loving husband and creative problem-solver.

Join Heathen author Lea Svendsen on a rich exploration of these two Norse deities, together and separate. Discover their adventures in parenthood, their complicated relationships with the other gods, and their entertaining exploits. Learn how to set up an altar to each of them, what offerings they like, and how to perform rituals. You’ll also enjoy compelling thoughts on Loki and Sigyn from Pagan and Heathen leaders, such as Patricia Lafayllve and Erika Wren.

Includes a foreword by Mortellus, author of Do I Have to Wear Black?

Loki and Sigyn

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