Ossman and Steel’s Appalachian Folk Healing | A Review

I remember the stories and old-school remedies from my grandmother and great-grandmother that they used to recommend, and I always wondered where some of those remedies emerged. I grew into a modern world that was shying away from herbal and home remedies. It is always fascinating to see the history of treatments and how modern medicine has changed with time. My grand and great-grandparents may have had Appalachian ancestors since they embodies aspects of that culture. The culture’s folklore has seeped its way through time and generations to my ears. So when I saw Jake Richard’s republication of Ossman and Steel’s Classic Household Guide to Appalachian Folk Healing with his introduction and commentary, I knew I wanted to dive into it.

A Fascinating Historical Healing Book!

While the book is not written as a book of practice, it is a book of historical significance. It is always amazing to see what the world looked like long ago. While some of the things in this book may look or sound ridiculous to our modern minds, it was a fascinating way of life for those who came before us. I also couldn’t think of a better voice to introduce this historical book and give commentary than Jake Richards. Jake is the author of Backwoods Witchcraft, Doctoring the Devil, and Conjure Cards: Fortune-Telling Card Deck. Jake helps bring to life something that may have been lost to the hands of time without this republication.

If you are a history lover and want a glimpse into the historical home healing remedies of old, this is an excellent book to add to your collection! Also, if you want to explore more of the Appalachian folk magic practices, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Backwoods Witchcraft and Doctoring the Devil by Jake! They are fantastic!

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