Our Exciting Homestead Goals for 2023

This post is coming a bit late in 2023, but our goals list is finally more finalized than in January. Our yearly goals revolved around a few central tenets, saving money, our health, and long-term sustainability. These goals feel even more important this year than they have in the past. So here are our goals for this year to inspire your goals for your year.

Our Food Supply

Between inflation and the concerning environmental issues that have been happening lately, growing our food seems so much more important than it has in years past. We always have had a garden, but this year is our focus to grow as much as we can sustainably to feed our family. Climate change made gardening last year a challenge but this year we have prepped a head with purchasing shade cloths and a filter for our garden hose. We also have begun to look into ways to feed our plants, and soil with nutrients from our kitchen scraps and making compost teas. Our garden is one of the largest focuses for our year. We also are expanding our back yard to grow more food and adding things like dwarf fruit trees and berry bushes. We also will be growing lots more flowers and pollinator friendly herbs to help our pollinators.

In addition to our garden, we have started to make as much our food at home as possible. On those nights when my MS makes it too hard to move let alone cook, take out was always a good option. The downside to that is it really hurts our budget. So now prepping ahead on the good days with freezer meals and preps for the crockpot make those days lots easier and safer on our budget. Check out our Homemade Kitchen Restock post!

Fresh Garden Vegetables

Our Household

With the up and down winter weather we have had this year we have seen it take a major hit to our water and energy bills. One of our many goals this year is to make our home more energy efficient and cut down our energy usage. Making our home more energy efficient will be one the largest challenges next to our garden. We live in an old farm house than needs A LOT of work, so working to improve it will be one of our goals this year. 

We also plan to try to keep our lighting as natural as possible during the day and use our clothesline as much as possible. Even though our dryer is new it still take a lot of power. One of our projects this year is to also improve our clothesline. It is still functional but a storm last year made it a little weaker than it should be. So my husband will be repairing it here in the next couple of weeks.

Laundry on the Clothesline

Our Health

One of our goals this year is to also make sure we are working on our health. This includes healthier cooking, fun workout plans, doing things to improve our mental health, and using less chemicals in our home. One of the things we noticed was our health suffered the more we let convenience of takeout and easy cheaper options in our home last year. While it was easier on us last year, we also noticed how much it was affecting my MS and AuDHD in myself and my daughter. So, our goal is to save money and cook healthier options at home. We also wanted to find fun options for our kids to get in physical activity, and for us too. Each of these aspects we want to encourage with our kids, so they too enjoy the healthier habits.

Homemade Household Cleaner with Lemon Peels

What are some of your goals for 2023?

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