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I am the host of not one, but two captivating podcasts that are sure to spark your interest.
My first podcast focuses on my personal journey through paganism. My second podcast is all about my love of reading. I dive deep into the books I have been enjoying lately, offering reviews and discussions on characters, themes, and influences.I would be delighted if you joined me for each episode.

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Pagan's Witchy Corner Podcast

Welcome to Pagan’s Witchy Corner! Here you can find discussions on the world of witchcraft and the occult with some of the top voices in the witchcraft and occult communities. I also will be sharing aspects of my own practice and how I integrate it into our life on our homestead. I also host guided meditations to broaden your personal practice.

Pagan's Reading Nook Podcast

Welcome to my reading nook! Here I will discuss the books I am reading, showcase new titles, and sit down with some amazing authors to talk about the worlds and characters they have created. We will also discuss new releases, fan favorites, and classic tales that enchanted us. So grab your favorite hot or cold beverage and join me as we dive into the harrowing tales, seductive romances, and thrilling adventures of the fiction world.