Powerful Juju | A Review

I have long been a lover of Najah Lightfoot’s work since I first saw her do a presentation on Tituba for the first virtual Witches Sabbat Conference. Immediately after the conference, I bought her book Good Juju and fell in love with her writing and inspirational words. Flash forward to now, and I have been enchanted again by her powerful writing with her latest book, Powerful Juju.

Powerful Juju

Najah has this brilliant way of allowing you to feel like she has invited you into her home to talk about her journey with the craft. From the beginning of Good Juju and Powerful Juju, you are called to sit down with your favorite cup of coffee or tea and hear all about her powerful stories and teachings. Her books bring a familiar comfort to your soul as your read through the books.

Powerful Juju is a perfect book for reclaiming your power in 2023!

Powerful Juju was such a fun and unique read! I love that Najah presented us with a soundtrack to listen to as we read through her book. The guidance of each Goddess Najah introduces to the power of the divine feminine and how it should be embraced and celebrated! However, that doesn’t mean those identifying as male can’t get anything out of this book. On the contrary, I would argue that the book holds wisdom for all because we all have feminine and masculine energies in us. We are all powerful beings and we should be celebrated!

This book introduces us to some traditional Goddesses and others who were once human, and their spirits should be revered for their powerful journeys. Reading about their stories and the inspiration they bring to life brought me a sense of pride in some aspects. While other stories brought me to tears. Najah chose incredible Goddesses to help enchant and aid our powerful paths.

I highly recommend this book to every witch. Let Najah’s voice and stories enchant you as she introduces you to practices and Goddesses who will help you through powerful moments in your life.

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