Priest | A Steamy Review

Certain books are like ghosts that haunt you and call to you over and over again until you read them. Priest by Sierra Simone is a book that has been haunting me for weeks. Ever since I saw it in a video on BookTok, I have been curious about the sinful story within its pages. Then to see it on shelf after shelf in the bookstore, I knew it had to come home with me, so it did.

Priest by Sierra Simone

I usually am not one to devour a book in forty-eight hours, but I did with this book. From chapter 1, I was insatiably hooked on this book. I could not put Priest down. Even when I wanted to scream at the characters and throw the book across the room, I continued to read. I was captivated by Father Tyler Bell and his lustful relationship with Poppy Danforth. Father Bell is one of the most lusty and sexy characters I have read lately, and he is worth every sin. The story’s villain, Sterling, was also well-written to the point that I wanted so badly to throat-punch him every time I read his name.

Priest was the forbidden love story I was needing!

The sexual tension was perfectly intermixed with the plot, which showed the conflict of betrayal to the church and God. If you love spicy books, then Priest’s spice was top tier, 10/10!

This book was a must-read and was so incredible my husband longed to read it when I was finished! I can not recommend this book enough! However, I must warn this book is not suited for those with religious trauma or those with issues with Catholicism. But, outside of that, this book was worth being haunted by!

Check out the new episode of Pagan’s Reading Nook, where I talk all about this book and my love affair with it!

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