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We're avid readers and we've created a cozy space filled with a variety of books. From romantic tales to informative non-fiction and classic fantasy, we've got it all. We're always on the lookout for new and exciting titles to add to our collection, and we'd love to share our recommendations with you.

So, come on in, grab your preferred beverage, and let's chat about our love for all things books!

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What to Expect in August
There is a lot happening around Witchy Corner Productions in the month of August! We have some amazing guests stopping by the podcast. There will be fun...
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Featured Book: Inspiring Creativity Through Magick
This week’s featured book is Inspiring Creativity Through Magick by Astrea Taylor! Astrea is a frequent guest on my podcast Pagan’s Witchy...
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Featured Book: Served (The Club Series Book 1)
This week’s featured book is Served by author April D. Berry! April had also been on my podcast Pagan’s Reading Nook! Served...
What's Happening Around the Corner | July Update
It has been a few months since I checked in with you all. Lots have happened around the homestead and in the witchy corner! Let’s dive in so you can catch...
My Protector Era | June 2023 To Be Read
Welcome to June! May was so busy and a rough month here on the homestead! We had so much to do with the garden, and I had a lot of doctor’s appointments...
Priest | A Steamy Review
Certain books are like ghosts that haunt you and call to you over and over again until you read them. Priest by Sierra Simone is a book that has been haunting...
Thrifty Witchery | A Review
When it comes to witchcraft books, many are often filled with similar knowledge and information. This is not to say it is bad, but some books stand out...
Hooked | A Dark Love Review
For months I saw recommendations and reviews of Emily McIntire’s book Hooked and grew increasingly curious. However, it wasn’t until someone described...
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Bonded by Thorns | An Enchanted Review
When it comes to retellings, I find that I either love or hate them. However, in the case of Bonded by Thorns by Elizabeth Helen, I found myself so enraptured...
Books we are Reading | April 2023
 We got very busy here on the homestead from February to Late March but now we are catching up on our reading lists! My daughter is still reading books...