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We're avid readers and we've created a cozy space filled with a variety of books. From romantic tales to informative non-fiction and classic fantasy, we've got it all. We're always on the lookout for new and exciting titles to add to our collection, and we'd love to share our recommendations with you.

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Priestess of the Morrigan Cover
Priestess of the Morrigan | A Review
Several years ago I had been terrified of the Morrigan and yet so curious about her. I knew of her yet all I had heard from other witches was “she is too...
Blog Book Review Cover1
Blackthorn's Protection Magic | A Review
When it comes to terms of protection we always need to be vigilant in our physical world as well as our magical world. In our world today, protection of...
Loki and sigyn blog cover
Loki and Sigyn | A Review
I have been dedicated to Loki for many years now, so when I saw Loki and Sigyn by Lea Svendsen advertised in my Llewellyn catalog I knew I had to have...