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We're so excited to share some of our favorite recipes with you. Are you craving some breakfast, lunch, or dinner options? Don't worry. We've got you covered. We want you to be inspired to cook and enjoy the process as much as we do! So, check out our recipes. We promise you'll find something that suits your taste buds.

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Homemade Homestead Kitchen Restocking
I recently saw a video on Tiktok of a fellow homesteader doing a homemade kitchen restock and fell in love with this practice. We have since begun to do...
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Delicious Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken
I wasn’t a fan of buffalo chicken until I found the right combination to make it. For me, it was the hot sauce. Now with this buffalo sauce mixture, I...
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Delicious Apple Galette | Featured Recipe
It is that time of year when we all are baking beautiful holiday pies and treats for our families. I had the great privilege of sitting down with my dear...
Our Thanksgiving on the Homestead
While our “thanksgiving” is on the pagan holiday of Mabon, we have a wonderful dinner for those in our family who are not pagan on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving...
Chocolate Bread
Amazing Chocolate Bread| Featured Recipe
This last week, I had the honor of getting to sit down with author Laurel Woodward and discuss gardening, sustainable cooking and living, and kitchen witchery....
Potato soup with a slice of bread
Comforting Easy Potato Soup
On cold winter nights or even cool spring nights sometimes a bowl of soup is exactly what the soul needs. When it comes to comfort soups two come...
Pagan's Black Beans
When I was growing up, my mom and grandmother always seemed to have a pot of pinto beans ready each week to go with many of our meals. Beans were a regular...
Bramble drink
Loki’s Fire Lemonade for Beltane
Happy and Blessed Beltane! Beltane is one of the many fire festivals, but it is also a time of fertility and healing to the land. On our homestead, we...
Chicken Tortilla Soup
The Most Addictive Chicken Tortilla Soup
During winter I long a comforting bowl of soup, and the soup that my family seems to be obsessed with these days is my Chicken Tortilla Soup.