The Everyday Witch’s Coven | A Review

As my group started to move closer to becoming a coven, I was thrilled to receive Deborah Blake’s new book, The Everyday Witch’s Coven. I have long been a lover of Deborah Blake’s works, and many of her works grace my selves in my home. So The Everyday Witch’s Coven was a welcomed addition to my home.

The Everyday Witch's Coven

Deborah has a beautiful and warm voice. Her writing makes you feel like you have stepped into her kitchen for a cup of tea and a snuggle from a curious cat while she talks about practical magick. The Everyday Witch’s Coven is the perfect addition to your library if you are looking for how to practice in a group or start a coven of your own.

Deborah’s writing shows you a comfortable and practical way to practice your magick even when life seems to get in the way. While forming a group or a coven is a bit more involved and requires more of a list of questions to ask, Deborah guides you through the process seamlessly.

Deborah's book helps you set up a coven or a group with ease!

One of the many things I love about this book is how Deborah sets it up for new practitioners interested in practicing with their friends or a group. But, on the contrary, this book is also for those seasoned practitioners. It has something for everyone!

“One of the benefits of practicing with a coven is that you can do magical work for a specific purpose with the energetic books that comes from working with others for the benefit of all. While solitary witches can absolutely generate powerful magic all on their own, work done with others has its particular charm.”

Deborah has written a fantastic guide to help you and your group start your journey from solitary into a coven. I highly recommend this book to all practitioners who want to learn more about group work. In addition, I would also highly recommend all of Deborah’s other works! They are all incredible!

Come listen as I sit down with Deborah to talk all about her book!

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