Top Five Magick Books for August

When it comes to magick books there are so many and they are all tend to offer amazing knowledge. These are some of my favorite reads to date! Come dive into these titles and explore your path.

Inspiring Creativity Through Magick by Astrea Taylor

Art is inherently magickal, and you, as an artist, are also a magician who can ritualize your creative endeavors to make them stronger than ever. Astrea Taylor offers an impressive collection of spells, rituals, deities, and lore that will help you bring to life the story, painting, sculpture, or music you’ve been dreaming about.

This book is designed to guide you through the entire creative process. You’ll draw inspiration from spirits and the four elements to complete your rough draft, and then use the principles of alchemy to refine your piece. 

Astrea also shares deep insights on releasing your art into the world, resting between projects, and persevering through hard times. From handling criticism to awakening the guiding spirit of art, this book shares numerous exercises and activities to get your creativity flowing and keep it going.

Includes a foreword by Michael Herkes, author of The Glam Witch.

Inspring Creativity Through Magick by Astrea Taylor

Spinning Wyrd By Ryan Smith

Expanding on the radically inclusive practices presented in The Way of Fire and Ice, this next-step book teaches you how to tap into the forces of the Nordic cosmos. The greatest of these forces is Wyrd, the symphony of life co-created by the actions of all beings, from the humblest plants to the mightiest gods.

Ryan Smith guides you deep into the mysteries, where you’ll discover the role of Fate, the importance of the Nine Worlds, the Norse concept of the self, and more. Ryan also helps you develop direct relationships with animistic powers, commune with the dead, and cultivate your skills in ecstatic trance journeywork. Spinning Wyrd is for practitioners who are looking for more than the basics, who want to develop skills in the deeper forms of mysticism associated with Heathenry.

Spinning Wyrd by Ryan Smith

Path of the Moonlit Hedge: Discovering the Magick of Animistic Witchcraft

Rewild Your Soul and Deepen Your Relationship with Our Interconnected World

Discover an exciting approach to witchcraft that teaches you how to see and work with the life in all things, from animals and plants to rocks, rivers, and beyond. Nathan M. Hall provides an in-depth and thoughtful exploration of animism, guiding you down the path of the moonlit hedge with more than thirty exercises that support the needs of your wild soul.

This book builds your magickal foundation through journeying and trancework, helping you connect with natural energies and patterns of the earth. You’ll meet and partner with spirits of the land, perform meditations and spells that strengthen your commitment to the craft, and learn how to cross the hedge (enter the spirit world) to participate in the Witches’ Sabbat. By adopting this magickal worldview, you can create balance within yourself and empower your work as a witch.

Path of the Moonlit Hedge by Nathan M. Hall

Wyrdcraft by Matthew Ash Mckernan

Weaving Germanic Paganism with mysticism, magic, and his background as a transpersonal therapist, Matthew Ash McKernan introduces you to wyrd, a mysterious web of being that connects everything. Wyrd encompasses all organisms, ecosystems, matter, phenomena, purposes, and possibilities. It is destiny, nature, soul, magick, and mystery intertwined.

In Wyrdcraft, McKernan guides you through a process of attuning to wyrd as it manifests within all the domains of your life, teaching you how to sense and intuit the ways of wyrd more clearly than ever before.

Exploring the intersections of psychotherapy, ecotherapy, Heathenry, and magic, this contemplative and experiential book offers nearly fifty exercises to help you cultivate wyrd consciousness―an awareness that is naturally revealing, healing, transformative, and becoming. Becoming what, you may ask? You will see as you align with the wisdom of wyrd, heal yourself and our interconnected world, and remember the nature of your Higher Self.

Wyrdcraft by Matthew Ash McKernan

The Magic of the Otherworld: Modern Sorcery from the Wellspring of Celtic Traditions

Build Your Own Magical Practice Rooted in Celtic Traditions

Shaped by ancient and mythological texts, this book introduces you to a wellspring of Celtic magick and demonstrates how to apply these deep traditions to your unique, contemporary practice. Morpheus Ravenna helps you develop your skills from the ground up through rituals and deity work for healing, empowerment, justice, and more. With hands-on activities woven alongside history and lore from all over the Celtic world, you will master spiritual hygiene practices, protection methods, conflict magic, and a variety of other topics.

Drawing upon polytheism, animism, and a connection to the Otherworld, Morpheus provides instructions for blessing water, conducting an ancestor elevation rite, beginning a spirit alliance, and creating a curse tablet. You will advance your sorcery through divination, sigil work, necromancy, and other techniques, developing more powerful expertise every step of the way.

Includes a foreword by River Devora, a multi-traditional spirit worker, healer, clergyperson, and teacher

The Magic of the Otherworld

I have read so many titles this year but these have been some my favorite titles this year! What are some of your favorite magickal reads?

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