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The Weiser Tarot Deck | A Divination Review

The newly released Weiser Tarot deck has finally been released! I am excited to share the beauty of this deck with you. For anyone who knows me or listens to my podcast, Pagan’s Witchy Corner, you know I have a massive love of Tarot and Oracle decks. My collection currently sits somewhere in the range of 30+ decks. No judgment, please. So, I was thrilled to have the Weiser Tarot deck join my collection of cherished decks.

What a beautiful Tarot deck!

Surprisingly out of all my Tarot decks only two of them are in the style of the classic Rider Waite Smith deck. Being an artist, I often find myself drawn more to the more artistic and different styles of Tarot decks, but I am happily in love with the Weiser Tarot deck. 

Furthermore, I love the art style of the deck, it is absolutely enchanting. The bold lines of the drawings of the traditional images with the soft whimsical beauty of the watercolor backgrounds, bring life to this deck.

Page of Swords

While there are many things I love about this deck, here are a few of my favorite things. Firstly, many tarot decks often have flimsy cards. Those do not hold up to time and shuffling and will often have to be replaced quickly. In contrast, the Weiser Tarot is sturdy with a thicker cardstock for each card allowing it to easily stand on your altar. If you want to share your readings on social media or with clients, the matte finish on the deck is perfect for photographing your spreads.

The New Hebrew and Astrological Additions Are Exquisite 

Secondly, I also love the new Ankh spread included in the guidebook. It is a great spread for connecting to your Egyptian deities or looking for the keys to life to achieve the best life possible. The Hebrew and astrological influences on the bottom of the Major Arcana cards. It is a particularly excellent addition for those who have curiosity about Qabalah and astrology.

In conclusion, this is a great starter deck for someone new to studying Tarot and is also a great addition for a seasoned practitioner, and I above all highly recommend it to all Tarot lovers.

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