Welcome to our Homestead

Welcome to our journey on our homestead!

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to return to our roots and become as self-sufficient as possible. Unfortunately, in our first year… and the second year, we bit off way more than we could chew! But now, almost seven years later, we are starting to understand what we call the pace of a homesteader. We know there are hundreds of reasons to start homesteading but one of the major reasons we chose this life was because of my illness. In 2013 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Homesteading while you are chronically ill is definitely more challenging, but the rewards have been amazing. It has been a saving grace to me in many ways, physically and spiritually. 

We decided to show the world our journey and how homesteading is much more than a self-sufficient life; it is a spiritual journey. Our family has been practicing paganism and Norse paganism for many years, and during the pandemic, our homesteading dreams grew but so made our connection to our spiritual journey. So, it seemed that our homesteading journey was equally tied in with the spiritual connection of our practice.

We realize that choosing this life is much more than wanting a simpler life or longing to save on your groceries. It is a choice of the soul. Therefore, we welcome all who are seeking this path. Whether you are an apartment homesteader or an off-the-grid homesteader, our spiritual journey is welcoming to all as well, no matter what spirituality you practice.

We want to share the bounties and adventures of our journey through recipes, projects, advice, education, and our spiritual practices.

So, no matter if you are just looking to dip your toes into the world of homesteading, you are looking to grow your homesteading practices, or expand your homesteading more in a spiritual way, we welcome you to the Hearth and Seed Homestead!

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