What’s Happening Around the Corner | July Update

It has been a few months since I checked in with you all. Lots have happened around the homestead and in the witchy corner! Let’s dive in so you can catch up with all the updates.

As you can see, the website has been under construction for a while now. Yes, we are still doing homesteading content, but we decided it was time to bring all the content we produce under one name, Witchy Corner Productions! You will see many new changes around the site over the coming weeks (and maybe months). Stay tuned for all those updates!

Happening on the Homestead

A lot has happened on the homestead, and not all of it has been great. Over the late spring, many of our seedlings got destroyed by storms. The ones that did make it were thriving! Until another strong storm caused a tree to fall right on our fence. With the fence down, the deer and raccoons decided that my garden was their own personal buffet! They destroyed my green bean patch, most of my tomatoes, a few peppers, and one of my squash plants, and have now decided my raspberries are delicious. In addition to the wildlife becoming a problem, I also slipped a disc in my back, and I have been unable to replant some of the things I lost. I have fully embraced the chaos gardening method this year; what we get is what we get. I know you win some and lose some when it comes to gardening. We seem to be losing this year.

Tree that fell in my backyard

What's Happening with the Podcasts

On some of the other Witchy Corner projects, the latest podcast I have started to produce, Pagan’s Reading Nook, has been doing wonderfully! I have had several guests, and they have all been wonderful! Many more guests are booked out into October, so stay tuned to the show for those episodes! Pagan’s Witchy Corner is still going strong and welcomes new and old guests to the show!

New and Exciting Happenings with My Books

Finally, a newer announcement, my book Fictional Musings has a new edition coming out soon! It will have a brand new and frankly fantastic cover and new story additions. Winning Jenn will still remain for sale, but I have begun production on turning Winning Jenn into a trilogy! A few new projects are also happening in the wings, so stay tuned for those!

So bear with me as I work to replace my backyard fence and work through the exciting changes around the corner. I am excited to share everything with you!

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